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Imaginative role-play

green hippo

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If children are involved in non-domestic role-play but not yet really adding a proper storyline I put them at 30-50 months (it's a bit more than the 22-36 statement of beginning to make-believe by pretending).

There isn't a direct statement to match but I think it's 30-50 months - what do you think?

In the same area, the statement 'Notices what adults do, imitating what is observed and then doing it spontaneously when the adult is not there' - what is your understanding of this?

Green Hippo x

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For the Notices what adults do etc... statement I think this describes a great deal of the role play you mention which is beyond the 22-36 statement but not yet at the full blown storyline stage. A lot of my children at this stage are engaged in games which involve pretending to be adults. The child who rings picks up a phone and talks into it while carrying a doll round on their hip and hovering, or the one who makes you cringe a little as they pretend to be the teacher ringing some belles and repeating some of the phrases you never realised were your catch phrases, both are imitating adult behaviours as part of their imaginative play.



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