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was hoping you could help with the following

m8ke4-stereotypical assumptions often made in assessing children's needs and how to avoid them,

ke21-variations in family values and practices across cultural and other groupings and awareness that practices also vary within such groups.

have to be finished by friday



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I've posted this before but you might find it useful to have the list again. :)


Most of M8 can be cross referenced back. This is what I did : -


1. Child development file

2. Write about the importance of routines

3. M7 - 4

4. M7 - 3

5. M7 - 5

6. List possible variations in routines e.g. visitors, outings, emergencies etc.

7/8. Write about the value of routine activities such as snack time, putting on coats to go outside, washing hands and how you encourage children to do these

9. List signs of distress and insecurities

10. M7 - 15

11. Why do you evaluate? (Improve activities, identify gaps in resources etc.)

12. M7 - 18

13. M7 - 19

14. Use the evaluation of your plans in M7

15. M7 - 20

16. M7 - 22

17. M7 - 24

18. M7 - 21

19. Health and safety policy

20. How can you make/beg resources (games, jigsaws, puppets, mobiles, dressing up clothes, make believe such as telephones, hairdryers etc.)

21. P2 - 18

22. M7 - 17

23. What role does everyone play in planning in your setting

24. M7 - 27,28

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thanks carol

i have seen it but don't have my file at the moment so am struggling to cross ref just thought i would try and write as much as possible

thanks again


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