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Any Ideas For Interactive Advent Display?


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Hi there,


I want to make an interactive advent calendar with my reception class. I have a few ideas like pictures of decorations in numbered envelopes to be added to a Christmas tree. Just wondered if anyone had any other ideas they would fancy sharing, display is not my strong point :o .


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I have 24 red fabric bags (about the size of a Ladybird book) Each has a picture (snowman, Xmas tree), on one side ,numbered on reverse. Inside a mini bag of white buttons I hang them up on a washing line across the room,, number side facing.out Children take turns to turn bag round (displaying pics and claiming chocs) We build up a sequence pattern as the days go on.

Have also done same with envelopes and shape pattern



PS read somewhere about having a slip with a Christmassy job on it instead of treat, make mincepies, write christmas card which I thought was a good idea.

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