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Ideas Needed To Cosy Up New Classroom!


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:o Hello guys!

Havent been here for a while but i'm sure you can help me!

I'm starting a new "Pre Reception" class (independent school!) and need help. The room has been redecorated and murals of minibeasts/flowers have been painted. I have tables home corner etc but it's looking very bleak still. I need some ideas to make it a little more welcoming/cosy any ideas appreciated.

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we have just moved into new school too! the whole school went on a trip (teachers only) to Ikea to buy things for new classrooms. I bought 2 really nice huge rugs that both had £100 off, lamps, pictures, plants, plastic place mats in bright colours that we use for playdough table, round cork things that we had painted and put in writing area for children to pin things up on and loads of cushions.


Hope this helps a bit!

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I visited a nursery which I thought looked great, partly due to all the things they had hanging from the ceiling: CDs, children's work, disco ball, mobiles etc. I went away with all great intentions, only to be told I couldn't hang anything because of the alarm system!!

Some cheap cushions or beanbags (Ikea again I think).

Posters - although it sounds like you've got dead posh walls anyway!

How about child-friendly tranfers for any dull looking furniture you may have (ours are boring brown, but I know you can get nice colourful units if you have the funds).

Things in/on the windows: coloured acetate which transfers coloured light to other areas of the room. Children's work again (something which lets light in, like stained glass windows or similar).

We use table cloths on some of our tables which makes it all look a little more cosy than hard bare tables.


I'm looking forward to hearing other peoples responses to see whether I can apply their ideas in our nursery!


We're also having a real Christmas tree in the nursery - those twinkly lights are bound to have the desired effect.

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Hi Mottie,


I am currently teaching a reception class in an independent school. After Christmas I will be overseeing the Pre-reception which will be starting. I will be interested in how you will organise your day/morning etc. Let me know and hope to keep in touch concerning Pre-reception



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