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I'm sort of asking 2 questions here...


i am planning to implement a visiting teddy scheme, where a different child each week takes teddy to visit his home, i'm hoping this will be good for literacy and pse development.... I'm trying to write a simple note that will go with teddy for the parents with some simple rules and suggestions for activities


has anyone who has done something similar before got any advice, or suggestions as to what could go in the note to parents.., thank you



On another note, I hope to set up a link between my current reception class setting and a school that I have contact with abroad, i just wondered if anyone had any suggestions for how this could run with foundation stage children


my ideas so far are:


use email as main form of contact (but emails sent by teacher with children's input rather than emails sent by children)


perhaps have some kind of question / answer system, maybe sending and replying to 1 question per week


this is not something that I have done before so would welcome anyones advice...



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I sent home toys a couple of years ago and will be doing it again in the spring term.

I found having two was easier as the children don't have to wait so long for their go.


This is the letter I sent home with them and a diary to write in.




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We have Bobby bear who goes home with a child each weekend, so far children are loving it. Be careful not to purchase an expensive bear cos sadly they do get lost. I send Bobby bear home in a bag with a diary and a laminated letter, (see attached) hope it helps!!!


Sarah :Dbear_letter.doc

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We have a bear that goes home every night, and two when the class is full, so the children only have to wait two to three weeks. The bear also has a tooth brush and flannel, book, tape and a game and a letter explaining why. Sorry I don't have a copy with me.

He is much loved by the children and they love talking about what they did with George, but you may have to be a bit thick skinned when it comes to parental views. You may also need to keep a daily check that all is returned and be prepared to replace things. Make sure it is fully washable!

Good luck

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I, too, am going to send our class bears, Henry and Anabel, home after Christmas. When I did this last year I used a shoe box and many weeks the box returned with small toys, books, pencils and other items for the visiting bear.


We also wrote letters to the bear and posted them in the writing area. Of course the bear had to answer them everyday as well!

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