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Hi all!

So i have been racking my brains for my pending observation: the focus in: Boys learning and engagement!!

I have 18 boys in my class with a broad range of abilities and interests.

We are currently investigating 'Space' but my focus boys this week are subdued boys: happy to join in with activities but have no clear 'interest'.

I am thinking of: superhero number cards: encouraging tops to add the numbers together.

Literacy: linked to space/super mario/sonic/TMNT

plus have a large drawn rocket on the floor and they add to that - words/pictures

UW - gel/slime with resources and map making for Mario.


Any other ideas??

Skittles :)

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any gadgets? Ipads - get them taking their own videos (turning the camera around) making their own books on them about the plants that they might want to visit, talking tins (leaving clues for them to follow and respond), beebots -make a space map and get the kids to move the beebots around the planets you have drawn..

Paper clues are always really inspiring, letters that arrive addressed to Dear Class ? is always an exciting start.

My last class loved one of my sessions particularly - i had a bunch of envelopes, each had a letter in and together they made a sentence ( The clue is in the writing shed) and to get a clue they had to do a task in the classroom/outside area. Each clue had a number on it so they knew what order to stick the letters and then as a class we built the sentence using the clues. It was a very busy active classroom with really focussed children.

When we do space we always end up with aliens and this always takes us to aliens and their underpants - quite often bringing our favorite ones from home and the x size big pants from Asda. These quite often get stolen by the aliens and we get letters and clues as to where they are hidden. I love the fact that even the reluctant boys feel outraged by this and want to write to the aliens telling them off.

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