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I thought this might be a useful discussion topic and a chance for us to find out what's going on around the country, both good and bad. As an early years supply teacher, I've been aware of:

  • New format IEPs or the introduction of 1 Page Profiles
  • Very stressed SENCOs, teachers and support staff
  • The same long waiting lists for services, particularly input from Educational Psychologists
  • Lack of funding and additional support for children and their families

As a trainer, I've been aware of the above as well as:

  • Cuts to support and funding from the Local Authority becoming worse, at least one Local Authority is removing the additional inclusion funding (for children without an Education, Health and Care Plan) completely from April this year
  • SENCOs still being expected to "do everything" for children with SEND, despite it being clear in the new Code of Practice that it should be the responsibility of all staff
  • Continued Health Visitor shortages
  • The continued dedication of practitioners to meet all children's needs

What else is there? It would be great to have some good news ........

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