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Hi! I'm currently using tapestry and I just want to find out what everyone else does to analysis data. I've noticed that lots of people use sims, O track and target tracker. Do I need this along side tapestry or can tapestry give the the same details? In the past I've used target tracker however since the new development matters I've not found it as effective and I'm just wondering what is the best way of showing progress and analysing the data?



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Hi there,

I've just answered your PM on this, but in case you didn't read it, this is what I said!

Yes, Tapestry has quite a sophisticated analysis section- in fact, so sophisticated people tell us it offers too much and is confusing! We've therefore started to simplify the charts, tables, graphs, etc. and will continue to work on this aspect, meeting the needs of our lovely 'weavers'!

Have a look through the analysis tab- maybe starting with the EYFS section- it's split into 3 sections, for thoroughness (how many observations), attainment (where are my children now?) and progress (how far have my children come between 2 assessments periods?).

In the New Year, we will be introducing the percentage factor, ie how many children are in the correct age-band, or below/above, and showing the age-bands and refinements (emerging, developing, secure) with a list of the children's names in each category. You'll be able to view this information across multiple assessment periods, eg from baseline, through autumn term 1 and 2, etc.

I really can't see you needing to use anything else- if Tapestry doesn't give you want you need, please do post a suggestion in the 'weavers' future developments suggestions' forum area and we'll soon find out if others would like this. In which case, we'll add it to our development list. :1b

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Can you tell me when the percentage factor will be introduced ?

IT would also be good if for groups of children you could see their starting points in age bands and at different assessment points on one document to see progrss made





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