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I am going for a job internally at work for lead practitioner in the Foundation stage(preschool), where I currently work. However I have to be observed and there are no children in on Friday so I have to be observed with Reception children. The age range is 4-5, although I have never worked with reception children, I realise there is some similarities as it is still the Foundation stage, but I am a little unsure and wanted to run my idea to some of you who work in reception}

The observation has to be in one of the prime areas and 5-10 mins - I have attached the plan

Here is part of my lesson plan for Friday.

Prime area, Physical development – moving and handling

The development of fine motor skills, control using one handed tools and equipment and their upper arms and hands.

Small groups 1:4 ratio

Practitioner will explain and model to the children what they will be doing and the outcome that we are aiming to achieve. The children will be developing their fine motor skills and small movements, in particular the development of their tripod grip and pincer movements in preparation for pencil control while writing. Handwriting will develop if children have increased control over their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. The early learning goal for moving and handling discusses handling equipment and tools effectively, including pencils for writing and in addition control over small movements.

Enabling environment

Provide resources and opportunity for the children to use and develop their fine motor skills, through manipulation and using one hand tools and equipment confidently and with control.

The children will be asked to place small objects using tweezers into pots e.g. coloured pegs in a pot that has both writing and pictures on e.g. colours. The children will be allocated their own pot to fill.

Success criteria

Practitioners will engage the children in positive communication, by using praise and encouraging efforts. Practitioners will use strategies and differentiate the activity to support each child to be successful and develop awareness and understanding. Children will have the opportunity to explore and think critically about what they are doing. This will additionally support communication and language, in particular listening and attention and understanding. The children will also be able to demonstrate resilience, which in turn will support their PSHE development.

Time scale is a factor as this is time activity.

I have also discussed , learning outcomes, learning objectives, key vocabulary and extension

Thank you in advance Susan



activivity plan physical 19th december.docx

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Nice activity but I would hope that the older children in recpetion would be able to do this easily, so unless you have younger children or children with SEN Im not sure they would benefit particularly. It is an activity I have provided, with coloured rice at Chinese New Year for younger Reception children.

Good luck.

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Thank you for your help, I do not know what children I will be given so this is why I have tried to make the activity broad. Do you have any suggestions for an activity re Physical as I am unsure what activities reception have and as it is only 5-10 min long.


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Without a lot of change to your activity plan, you could use string or wool to cover an outline of a shape. In Reception at Christmas, I have often provided a Christmas shape to sew on. Obviously you will not have time to sew but you could provide an outline of a star maybe for the children to cover. This could be glued down or just placed on top.


Alternatively, a speaking and listening activity with a positional language focus would work well. Draw a Christmas tree in the middle of the paper, draw a star on the top, draw a parcel under it etc etc.

Whiteboards and pens work well for this!

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Thank you very much for your advise and help. I do like the communication one, it is a great way to engage them all at the same time. I could demonstrate and model mine to them at the same time. The children could draw their own tree, come up with ideas as to what goes on the tree and i could say to them where to place the objects eg top of tree, under the tree etc Thank you again

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