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I have a parent at my nursery who wants a child that has just turned two excluded for biting her 3 year old! He has bitten him 3 times now and i understand she is upset and i explained that we cannot just exclude him and why so she now wants me to show her our policy and and government/ofsted legislation relating to this. The policy is easy any suggestions on the other? Thanks

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My first response to your post was anger towards the parent then I calmed down and realised that she just doesn't want her child hurt and as far as she's concerned, exclusion is the easiest solution. Although it's an extreme response, it shows that she cares about her child which I suppose can only be a good thing.

At times like this I suppose policies are invaluable and she would presumably have had the opportunity to look at these as part of the induction process.

The link below takes you to an American site but I think it's got some really useful information about biting which might be useful.


I wonder if this mum realises how common biting is an that it's a fairly typical stage of child development. If she still isn't happy after looking at your policies and the key references in the EYFS Statutory Guidance I would pre-empt any possible complaints and suggest she contacts OFSTED or your Local Authority Consultants (if you have any left!) to see if they think exclusion would be an appropriate response!

Good luck, let us know how you get on. :1b


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