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I know there was quite a lot of discussion about this earlier. My question is: if we're keeping this log, & OFSTED want to be less directly involved in the Complaints Procedure, then do I take down that poster that they sent not so long ago that invited parents to telephone them about their concerns, & do I remove the section in the Policy that says they can take their complaints to OFSTED?


At the last Inspection [end of Feb this year] it was suggested that I put their phone number into the policy. As I'm looking at the policies at the minute, I'd like to get it right, because I seem to have to revise them with increasing frequency & it's getting a bit silly.


Any thoughts? Am I just being dense? Somedays my head just spins with it all!

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You should have received a white booklet with the revisions to the guidance to the national standards. On page 9 it states the following -


"For day care providers, the wording of the fourth bullet point remains the same, but ht easteris hs been moved from the end of the sentence to after the procedure. This is because the mandatory requirement is to have a complaints procedure and not hte adress and telephone number of the regulator. However, this is good practice."


So, to answer your query - you don't have to do it, but it is advised to, but if parents contact Ofsted with a complaint it will automatically be redirected to you as the provider anyway.....


I would recommend amending your policy to state that in the first instance complaints will be dealt with by the provider. Only in cases where it is not deemed appropriate, will Ofsted get involved i.e. Child Protection


At least this may stop whinging parents!

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Thanks for that, Running Bunny. I've had one of those days when I seem to have had my head in every publication but that one!


Sounds like I don't actually need to amend much for once.

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  • 6 months later...

I asked the Ofsted lady about this today after my suitable person interview.


Anyway, she said it is up to us whether we keep the poster up, but lwe need to let parents have a copy of the policy, with a step by step procedure in it of what they should do if they have a complaint.


It needs to state that parents come to the manager 1st, in order to try and sort out their concerns. She said to state a timescale of how long it will take you to investigate a complaint, and when they will receive the outcome in writing. Basically it needs to show that any concerns will be dealt with promptly.


She said that if you are unsure, then you can always ring up Ofsted and say that you have had a complaint, and are dealing with it in a certain way, and they will just advise you as to whether you are doing the right thing.


There also needs to be a procedure in there about what to do if the complaint is about you, e.g. can it go to someone higher than you, or your deputy? If not then it needs to be referred to Ofsted.


It then needs to say that if they do not feel that their concerns have been resolved or dealt with properly, they can go to Ofsted. You need to put the Ofsted contact in there.


She also suggested us having a Compliments file, and letting parents know about this. Ofsted are also happy to receive compliments about settings (what they do with them I don't know?!?!). She also said that this would be a good thing for prospective parents to look through, and would be a winner with Ofsted!


I am a whole lot clearer on it all now.



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The revision booklet states that you should keep a complaints file (regardless of whether you have had any complaints or not) to show to Ofsted at your inspection.





Oh yeh - forgot to mention that! The parents need to have access to this file or booklet on request. I've just updated the Complaint Policy and mentioned the file in it, so that parents are aware of it's existence. Luckily it's empty at the moment!

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