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Targets in Year R


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Hi all

I am struggling.

I have to have individual targets in place for my Year R class in the new year for maths, reading and writing and the children must know them and be working towards them. Any advice on how I can do this? How do they work in your classrooms? How are they displayed. On the wall? In books? What language do you use with your children?

When I have an observation, the children will be questioned about them and expected to talk about them.

Any ideas/help will be gratefully received.

Many Thanks


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We talk about next steps rather than targets, and they are part of every day talk with children about what they are doing with us and with their independent work.

Next steps are shared with the child on each piece of recorded work, and in reading records. Reading ones are shared with parents in home-school reading diaries.

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We use next steps rather than targets as well. I record their next steps on a sheet in their learning journals (2 next steps every 6 weeks and they are not necessarily to do with maths and literacy). We then show evidence of how they achieve it in their play and in their adult led work (once per target). I look for around 3 to 4 pieces of evidence for each next step to say they have achieved it. Each time we update their journals (with the child every three weeks) we talk about their next steps and look at what they have done to achieve it. I display their next steps on the wall in the classroom so all my TAs know what they are and I also plan for them on my child led planning. I don't think my children would be able to tell anyone what their targets are though. as long as you remind them of their next step each time you work with them in their adult led work then they should eventually be able to say what their next steps are.

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