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Teaching Night And Day


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Help me please!!

Teaching night and day next week and need some inspirational whole class activities and follow up with my reception class - any ideas will be greatly recieved!! Many thanks in advance!!

Sara :D

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two big pieces of card one yellow (daylight) one black (night). Children split into two groups and draw a picture of what they do at night/ daytime. Stick onto card and hey presto!

Also have done following with paper plates. Paint one half yellow and one half black. Make a circle template that is the same size as the middle of the plate. Draw a line across the circle, in one half draw something child does in daytime on the other draw something they do at nightime. Put split pin through centre and attach to plate. They can now spin the dial to match night or day. Could decorate with sticky stars or metallic pens

Hope this is clearer than mud :o

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And then the moon goes and comes out in the day time; something one of my 3 year olds was very cross about on Monday: "Hey! That's the moon. That's for bedtime!"

It did give us an excuse to sing:

Mr moon Mr Moon

You're up too soon

The sun is still in the sky

Go back to bed and cover up your head

And wait until the sun's gone down.


(Not that the sun was out on Monday!)


I have nothing constructive to add.

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Thanks for plate idea! lovely! have now planned to do that! Not that my TA is very impressed! She looked at me as if i had gone mad with the prep and asked why i couldn't just get them to draw a picture on plain paper!! I love it! Thank you!!


Also, does that little moon rhyme have a tune or did you chant it?


Thanks for your help!!


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