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Yes, as PSHE co-ordinator I recently ordered the Seal (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning)resources and they arrived today. Haven't looked at it properly yet (had only viewed it on disc before) but there appears to be a whole scheme of work from Foundation Stage right through to year 6 (and further). There are lots of photocards, stories and powerpoint presentations. I look forward to having a good look through.


For those that want to order, the ref is DfES0110-2005G


You can find out more by looking at



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Its a fab resource!!!!!!!!!


We have been using it across school, Foundation to Year 6 and all the children love the activities and the staff like the already prepared planning and excellent resources that come with the lunch box. These are also on the CD.


It has super assemblies to introduce the theme for each half term and an extra section on anti-bullying to fit with the annual anti-bullying week. You also get additional packs for each half term to do sessions with special needs and parent groups.


Some of the ideas for Foundation are things we already do, but as the year progress there are some brillant activities to challenge childrens thinking. I have found many this half term are fab for making observations towards the FSP.


This is the most valuable lunchbox that has ever land in my pigeon hole !!!



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