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:o Hi please could someone help i am stuck on KE13 , how to adapt furniture and equipment in response to childrens special needs.


How is it best to show the evidence required and can you think of how you would adapt equipment.



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Hi dan, as I haven't said hello before,welcome to the forum. :D


What ideas have you got so far?


How to adapt furniture / equipment in response to childrens needs?, the answer to this question is How long as a piece of string.


Start from the child; Have you any examples of your own experience?


Think of the whole environment, how can you make every activity and experience "inclusive" of all children and all their needs?


You could bullet point specific special needs and then state all the different methods you would use to include a child with this need into a variety of activities.


or your could list activities / experiences and then state how you would enable access for different needs.


has this helped or confused? Hope it's helped.


I think the breadth of the statement is quite narrow, it is not enough just to adapt furniture or equipment, there is a need to have the same attitude towards all children, we aim to enable all children to have equal access to all activities and experiences and adapt our resources accordingly, with respect and consideration to all childrens varying needs.

If we make lists we must beware that we do not portray stereotypical assumptions ie:


Child A is in a wheelchair

Child B is in a wheelchair


Can we just state:

Special need - wheelchair user -adapt table height to wheel chair height.


This is considering the wheelchair and not the child because..


Child A has use of left arm only and child B has use of right arm only. You've lowered the table but placed it in front of the child but not to the side of the child to enable easy access. What I'm trying to say is that we need to get past the disability and the initial clue ( ie: wheelchair) to what the disability is and get to really know each individual child. So again I say.....Ways to adapt furniture? the answer is How long is a piece of string?




p.s. Sorry to ramble, you'll get used to my rambles over time, but don't let it put you off asking any further questions. :o



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:) Many thanks, it is a great help as i had various ideas in mind but when you ask advice from others , makes more sense.

Anyway another unit out the way. moving onto c2 and c11 next.

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