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We have started using Tapestry in September this year. As a pre-school some of our children

started with us at Easter time.

We would like to add these children's assessments onto Tapestry so that we have a full picture

of their time with us.

Would be grateful if you could advise us how to add these assessments with the date they were

originally done rather than the date when we are adding them to Tapestry.


Many Thanks


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Hi Sue, hope I'm not treading on anyone's toes here by answering........


You can change the date of the observation by clicking in the 'created' box, the calendar tab will pop up and you can chose the date the observation was made.


Hope that helps :-)



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If your child made progress from the time you had him/her in your setting, and the time you started to use Tapestry, then yes- because you haven't recorded this initial progress.

Many settings create a baseline assessment within the snapshots tab- maybe you could do this to show your child's on-entry assessments against which future assessments can be measured?

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