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Tina Bruce, Triangle Of Care


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hello i am new to the site, recomended by a friend. i am in my second year of a foundation stage degree and for some reason struggling more than ever. lack of motivation i think.


anyway could anyone give me any information about tina bruce's triangle of care. the triangle is about partnerships including children, parents and practitioners?


i need some juicey quotes and where they are from, please please please. i have four weeks left in the semester and four assignments still to do!

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Hi jnap and welcome to the Forum,


I tried to do a google search and entered Tina Bruce - Triangle of Care but this is what I got............



"SundayMirror.co.uk - ShowbizBlonde Tina got together with Ryan almost two years ago after "a love triangle" with Tina's then boyfriend and co-star Bruno Langley"


search got Tina and triangle right but obviously mixed up Bruno ( last line) with Bruce :oxD


Sorry not much help but it made me laugh, the best remedy for assignment deadline blues.


Hopefully someone else will be along soon to help.




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I have several of her books. The only triangle I can find is in Early Childhood Education, both 2nd & 3rd Editions - I think based on the Bartholomew & Bruce book. It has 'Child' at the top of the triangle,

Content at the bottom left, with :


'What the child already knows'

'What the child needs to know'

'What the child wants to know' beneath the word 'content'

At the bottom right it's Context, with a list beneath: People, culture, race, gender, disability, complex needs, special educational needs, poverty, access, materials and physical environment, outdoors, indoors, places, events, principles embraced of diversity and inclusion.

Inside the triangle, centre bottom, it says 'The Early Childhood Curriculum' [This is from the 3rd edition; it's slightly different in the 2nd]


I have the Bruce & Meggitt book at work so I'll look tomorrow as I've got a feeling the above isn't what you're looking for!

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All I can find is Maslow's Hierarchy of needs

Self- actualization

Self- esteem needs

Love and belonging needs

Safety and security needs

Physiological needs

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Sorry, couldn't see anything in the Bruce & Meggitt book either. Did a Child Protection course on Saturday with a lady who tutors for a DPP course & it didn't ring a bell with her either.

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