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Just wondering if anyone had any good ideas/starters for real-life problems in Mathematical Development.


Ummm... I could say more, but that's pretty much all I wanted to know.


So help please:)


~ P

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Hi Paulparkie, was wondering what happened to you!

I guess it really depends what strand of the maths curriculum you are looking at - space, shape and measures or number?

Have you looked at the NNS for YR? Lots of suggestions in there.

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Aaaah... it's nice to be missed :o


I've been moving house this first half-term (good time I know) so haven't had the time to get on and do the whole 'forum-thing'... hopefully back to normal now xD


Hmmm... shape, space and measures I guess, but anything would be good.


Yeah I've used some of those in the pack, but just wanted some fresh ideas really... there are a few good CD-roms knocking around to use as story starers as a way into problem solving etc... has anyone used any of these?



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I went to a maths 'forum' with nursery nurses and support staff this week and we were talking about this, although they weren't real life problems...


A couple of really good problem solving ideas based on stories included Jack and the Beanstalk with the giant wanting to visit the children in their classroom and he left a footprint in the playground. The children had to work out how big the giant was and if he could fit in the room; if he couldn't fit in, what could they do to make him feel welcome (the children decided to have a picnic) so they had to think about weighing out ingredients for 'normal' size cakes and then making them 'giant' size, working out cutting sandwiches in half for all the children, how much drink they could get out of one bottle etc...


Another one, which I cannot remember the name of the book, involved lots of animals getting into a boat as part of a story and right at the end the mouse gets in and sinks the boat. The children had to make a boat that floats, work out how much playdough it would take to sink it and then make each animal so right at the end the little mouse actually made the boat sink -lots of prediction, floating and sinking, measuring, balancing ...


It wasn't what you actually asked for, but may help to start the creative ideas flowing!

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If it's real life stuff you should have got the children to do your packing, space and shapes. :oxD:(


Seriously you could talk about your move and see how they can work out the problem of fitting things into boxes to make the best use of space.


Sharing problems, ie four children and one pizza, how can you divide it etc.


Measuring how tall the children are and creating a simple graph to show gathered information.


Hope some of this is useful :)



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