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Hello wondered if any of you could help. My friend has an interview next week and has been asked to give a presentation on

'recent developments in learning in the foundation stage'. Any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated!


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I would interpret this as the introduction of the foundation stage curriculum and developments since. How long has she got?


She has got twenty minutes. I interpreted it as developments since the FSC and to focus on a particular area/aspect but didn't come up with any great ideas so hoping for help from clever people on here!

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Not sure if these are development issues or just area's where articles have been written because the initial interpretation of the FSC was not as some people wished.


Emphasis on outdoor provision

Emphasis on planning from childrens interests / child initiated / child led play

Margaret Ouvrey ( is that right) has written a lot in Nursery world about interpretation of the CLL area of the FSC, opportunities to access active pre-writing and language development activities.


The most recent development, announced this week, is the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which is birth to 5 ( or age on entry to key stage 1) - a culmination of Birth to Three Matters and FSC, this should be completed by the summer of 2006.


Good luck wishes for your friends interview.



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hi Peggy

i was at a meeting the other day led by Helen Moylett et al. The working title is indeed The Early Years Foundation Stage and 2006 is seen as the consultation year, 2007 training for all sectors involved in the delivery and 2008 as implementation.

As you say it will take the key principles and best practice of both birth - 3 and the CGFS

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