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Song Needed For Xmas Performance


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Hi there everyone


Just a quickie to ask if anyone can think of any songs (apart from Twinkle Twinkle) that my class can do in the xmas performance relating to stars....


We are a class of 28 reception children


Thanks Sarah xoxoxoxoxo

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how does that song go...'it was on a starry night...' its a carol i think?! i remeber singing it wen i was at school! sorry to sound so vaigue but i just glimsped at ur post and it was the 1st ting which came into my head!

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A silver star was shining in the sky one night,

To guide the Kings to Jesus by it's shining light.


The Kings had brought some presents for the baby sweet,

They layed them very gently at his tiny feet.


We sing it twice.


If you need the tune I will dig it out and try and attach it.

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Here are the words to 'It was on a starry night'


(i think its the one that Emma meant)


It was on a starry night when the hills were bright

Earth lay sleeping, sleeping calm and still.

Then in a cattle shed, in a manger bed

a boy was born, king of all the world.

And all the angels sang for him, the bells of heaven rang for him

for a boy was born, king of all the world.

Soon the shepherds came that way where the baby lay

and were kneeling, kneeling by his side.

And their hearts believed again for the peace of men,

for a boy was born, king of all the world



its a lovely tune for children but I cant sing it over the internet!! hope you can find it



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Thanks for allyour ideas but they have changed what they want us to do and we are no longer stars but dressing in scarves and glvoes!!!!!!





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:o I need help please. The reception children have asked if the Nursery children would like to sing in a concert with them. Which is great, my problem is I have been set a task to find the music sheets for the following songs. Has anyone heard these songs before? if so do you know the tune they are sung to or even better know were I can get the music sheets from. Thankyou.


1, There's something special going on.

2, Mary listen to me, I have some news for you.

3, Hopping along to Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus.

4, Pull, pull, pull the cracker bang. (clap).

5, Three little shepherds.

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