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'PSHE' overview for Early Years - please help!


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Hi all,

I've been asked by the PSHE subject leader at my new school to produce an overview of topics for PSHE in the Early Years (Nursery and Reception). Obviously we teach / cover PSED all the time throughout everything we do as it is a Prime area of learning but I'm not sure what it is I am supposed to give her?!

Any ideas anyone? Does anyone else have this at your school?


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I give a sequence of what we are focussing on in particular as we go through the year -

Autumn 1 getting to know each other, Autumn 2 being confident and responsible, Spring 1 New Year's resolutions and negotiating, Spring 2 developing vocabulary for feelings, Summer 1 working co-operatively, Summer 2 getting ready for change.

This is very simplified, but gives an idea if our main focus. It goes alongside SEAL and Values work, but that is in the main subject overview for the school.

Might be worth looking at other subject area overviews at your school to get an idea of how much detail is needed?

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