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Independent Creative Activity Based On The Transpo


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I am looking for independent activities based on the transport theme, Ofsted are coming tomorrow and I have just received a call from my TA telling me that she is feeling 'under the weather and will not be in for a few days xD You can imagine how I feel :o



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oh zouzou, that is bad luck or good planning, on her behalf!!!


What had you planned, can you not adapt that rather than think of new ideas?


Have you any transport templates that children could print with or rub over etc.

Perhaps they could paint or draw theselves to illustrate a graph or picture of how they travel to school??


Can't think of anything else off hand, sorry.

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Poor you!!! :o

Off the top of my head:

transport lacing cards;

junk modelling vehicles;

fuzzy felt/gummed shape transport pictures;

creating ramps for toys vehicles - which vehicles travel furthest/which ramps work best?

construction kits with wheels;

Outside: numbered bikes with numbered parking spaces

road safety play, with lollipop signs & zebra crossings (depends what you already have)

Hopefully other people will be more helpful - good luck!

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Not sure if this would work independently, but you could get them to create tyre prints -either using toy vehicles or real bikes - ride/drive the tyres through the paints, then across the paper - getting them to look for 'thick' tyre prints & 'thin' tyre prints. Talking to a partner about whether they are thick or thin, & the colours they are using (Ofsted like speaking & listening skills), which they could then report back on at the end of the session: "X, can you tell me about Y's tyre printing?"

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what about giving them big sheets of paper, some small trays of paint and some cars... let them experiment by making/printing tracks over the paper... best of Zouzou i do hope it goes well for you :)



We did this a few weeks ago with a selection of vehicles with some trays with paint and they drove their cars over the paper. It was very popular, particularly with the boys that normally avoid creative activity.


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We often put the train set out on a large table (or 2 pushed together). We first cover the table with lining paper (or the back of wallpaper), sticking it down and joining with masking tape. We put the trains on the table, but NOT the track. We put a pot of chunky felt pens and the children have to draw their own train track. They then add buildings, trees, river, bridges, seaside, woods, etc, all drawn using the pens. Different children will add to the "picture" throughout the session and we end up with some really creative ideas. They then still get to play with the trains but on their "home-made" train track.


It's a really good activity to encourage the boys especially to pick up pens and actually draw for a purpose. Drawing the train track itself is really good practise for "writing" horizontal lines and down-strokes which are important for pre-writing skills.

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