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I have just become a member of the management committee for Playgroup Network and was wondering if any groups, apart from those who are already members, know about us.

Playgroup Network was set up some years ago as an alternative to the Pre-school Learning Alliance and works with playgroups and pre-schools around the country. Presently there are 15 group members representing pre-schools and playgroups in the north east, Yorkshire, Stockport, Norfolk and the south.

I am trying to find out if groups have heard about us and know what we do, how you would join etc. I would be grateful if settings could let me know one way or the other.

Thanks Linda

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When I was a manager of a preschool we used Playgroup network and found them quite useful.Your register and accident book are excellent and I recomend them a lot,actually think I should be on commission!

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Hi Alison

Yes they do the site address is www.playgroup-network.org.uk

Stockport pre-schools joined about three years ago because we were somewhat disillusioned with the Pre-school Leraning Alliance. Playgroup Network does not have any paid workers, we are all volunteers. So any subscription money is used for the groups. The only thing we get is our expenses paid to attend meetings.

Are you a member of PSLA?

Thanks for the reply.




Thank you too Oldtimer-don't know about the commision but keep up the good work. The publications are very good, I agree!!

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