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Could really use your help to get a few ideas going for an observation on my teaching nxt wk. The focus is 'writing - children as active learners'. They wont really expand on this and I seem to have a brain blockage and can't think of what to do. Have had lots of observations (NQT last yr) and they have always gone well but each time I get really panicy and nervous and don't seem to be able to go with the flow like I normally would if no one was watching. My topic nxt week is Eid (wanted to spend a while on festivals). Any inspiring ideas would be so appreciated!!!


Thanks in advance

Emma x

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HI Emma Jane

we are doing Eid next week and on Monday we are making simple Eid sweets (melted choclate and then add mini marshmallows, currants, raisins, sultanas, peel~ basically any food stuffs that start with the letters that we have been learning!~ mix all together and pop into little sweet cases)

The reason we are making these is also to aid our writing. We have been focusing on lists and I want the children to be able to write the intial letter in the words. After having made them on Monday will shall have a go at writing our lists the ingredients will be before them when they write to remind them and to help sound out/stretch the words in order to hear the phonemes.

Hope this may be of some use

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