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Please help!!!

We are completing R.O.A's and although in theory they are a good idea, in practice, it is a nightmare!

We have 68 children and 5 key workers. As you can imagine we struggle to complete them to a high standard as they take so long to fill out.


How many obs would you do over a weekly period on each child?

We are jotting down notes all the time (it seems!). Obviously you look at what you want to get out of an obs - new skill, activity etc. but to give these books substance, you have to have alot in them!


Some pre-schools' 'key persons' have 4 or 5 books each to complete, we have between 10 - 15 depending on experience of staff (they have less).

Some of our children attend other nurseries in our area, would it be 'legal' for us to say that they do the main R.O.A's and we complete our own on a much simpler scale. Feels like a cop out, but please advise me, this was a suggestion from a member of staff who will be leaving shortly if the pressures aren't lifted (can't say I blame her!)


Thanks in advance!!!

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We only complete record of achievement books for children for whom we receive Nursery Grant funding. Other children have an observation once a term and a single sheet transition form when they leave our setting. In my opinion this is quite enough work!

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