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Need A Simple Truffle Recipe


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Has anyone got a tried and tested SIMPLE foolproof recipe for chocolate truffles which the kiddies can make as a gift for Christmas. Did have a recipe many moons ago, came to look for it, and it's disappeared :o did have a go at a different (grown up) recipe at home - but it wasn't as easy as my original. Be glad of any help.......................

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I posted one the other day that is dead easy and yummy too!

Too tired to look for link but it was on a thread called something like simple recipe needed.


Basically, melt chocoalte and butter over hot water, mix in icing sugar and cake crumbs (but we used cdigestives that the children enjoyed crushing!) then mould into balls and roll in sugar strands... enjoy :D

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Found Pandemonium's recipie so have copied it - sounds great, like the idea of the children crushing the digestive biscuits in place of the cake crumbs.





For 10 truffles...

100g/4oz chocolate drops (white or plain)

25g/1oz butter

25g/1oz icing sugar

50g/2oz plain cake crumbs

2tbsp desiccated coconut

2tbsp chocolate sugar strands

Small paper cake cases


Melt chocolate and butter in bowl over hot water (or however you usually do it)

Sift in the icing sugar, add cake crumbs and mix well.

Leave to cool until firm and thick.

Put coconut and strands on separate plates.

Scoop a teaspoon of mixture and drop onto a plate, roll it around until it is covered in cocnut/strands. Put in cake case.

Leave to chill in fridge for 30 mins or until firm.

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Thanks everyone - I knew I would be able to rely on you to come up with the goods. Going to have a trial run this weekend (any excuse for chocolate overload!!!! :D

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