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We currently have a child with us who is beginning to use Makaton signing but as yet there is no language. This child has SEN and is beginning to sign for things she wants or can see which is a big step for her, however I am unsure of how to show development on Tapestry for this new skill. I was just wondering if other settings have children who use Makaton how they assess their language development?

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I think you mean she isn't vocalising not that she doesn't have language because her 'language' is Makaton signing.

I work with SEN children and if you are wanting to show progress on Tapestry you could use the Developmental Matters or ECAT. So wherever it says uses 'words' for her it will be 'signs' e.g. 'uses single words [signs].'

http://www.ncb.org.uk/early-support/resources/developmental-journals You could also use the info from these developmental journals specific to SEN children and add these to your observations and I have added some pdfs you may find useful.



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