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Planning again!


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Hi all

I know that there was a thread started on here about planning in FSU's a while ago, but just thought I'd try again and see if anyone has any examples they want to share.

I am starting a new job in September as the Nursery practitioner in a very small FSU in a small village school. There will be me and then the Reception teacher. I would love to know a bit more about how you all plan. Do you do it seperately or together? Any examples would be very gratefully recieved.



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I'm starting a new job which is EYFS Leader in a unit - Nursery and Reception. I have heaps of Reception experience but not so much for Nursery. I am anxious about expectations of planning etc for the Nursery and would like some advice too.


Thank you in advance.


Mel C :1b

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Guest whizzbang

I would really appreciate some help with planning, I am in nursery. i was a fs leader in a HUGE setting, i took two years off for my babies and now am a part time nursery teacher: my early years leader doesnt know anything about nursery so am on my own . . . . please please please could you send me examples of planning, i am obviousley new to these characteristics of effective learning. I have been on here all evening reading posts and searching for bits to look at . . . my head is banging!

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