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I have my music area tucked in the corner near the door to my classroom so that the instruments are easily accessible when children are singing and dancing on the carpet area. At the moment the instruments are in one of those wire kitchen trollies with 3 baskets. It has served it's purpose but is not ideal as instruments fall through and is generally just unorganised!

We can't afford to buy a specific shelving unit for this but I can't think how to organise things better without spending a loads of money. Any ideas. I suppose I could just get one of those plastic drawer units on wheels but would like something a little more 'natural' looking?

Any brainwaves?


Green hippo x

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those plastic flexible trugs in the supermarkets have handles - could you have a batten with hooks fastened to a wall? one trug handle could sit over the hook for accessibility to the instruments...and when it's tidy time both handles could hook over


Hanging baskets (whicker ones) for the the little things that fall through your current storage

I bet Ikea has got all kinds of things in their kitchen or utility dpt

I LOVE storage!

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