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I wondered if anyone has a set form they use to assess the children on entry point. We give each parent a unique child booklet to fill in, which tells us lots of information re health and development. We then just use the next couple of weeks as they settle in to observe and make notes on them . Does anyone use a more formal approach? I am reading that we should be formally assessing like reception classes too.


Lisa xx

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I would not do a formal tick box assessment even if I was paid.

We complete 'all about me forms' with parents we then spend 3-4 weeks observing so we can put them into age bands in DM

We also use the ECAT tool if we feel there is a speech and language concern.

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Guest suchfun

We do same - tick lists don't work, however tempting they appear to be!
We record all observations on one sheet, once all completed - it also contains a characteristics of learning grid as well as prime and specific areas - think I have uploaded it!Long observation sheet.docx

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