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No topic literacy planning?!


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I love the idea of no topics and I think this works really well for continuous provision and the recent Objective Led planning we have started. However, I am struggling with Literacy planning. Do you find things they are interested in on a daily, weekly, termly basis and plan sessions around these?

Thank you in advance!

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Just wondered how 'on the spot' are others planning for children's interests. We did a 'planning' sessions with the children today about what they would like to learn about, so I am then going to plan next weeks literacy lessons through this and see where it goes, however, will the children still be interested after a weekend?! Is this how to plan through children's interests?

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Guest tinkerbell

I work like this at the moment.

Our broad theme this half term is mini beasts and we have had a butterfly,ladybird and bee week so far.The children come up with ideas for the week ,as yours have done, I write their ideas down on a roll of wallpaper and then stick it up on the wall to tick as the week goes by.If you do it Friday with them you can get your resources together for the week over the weekend eg black and red playdough for the lady birds and nett curtains to make butterfly wings!

Literacy I collect fiction and nonfiction books on the theme and have baskets of books for the children to read out all the time.I would also share one of these books before lunch.Because I am looking to 'hit' the non fiction strand and looking for similarities and differences in 'knowledge of the world' mini beasts has been good and the children are really interested

At this time of the year too the phonics can come through looking for b ee. Words ,making a mini beast alphabet ,sounding out the many names and writing a sentence or caption for their model or picture.....

I also find a poem or a simple song each week for the children to learn about the. Mini beast.

planning I tend to jot it down on a weekly timetable as I go along .

School is so busy at the moment we are suddenly doing tennis and cricket sessions! The children are building a water course outside ,lots of problem solving .....I may link it to spiders and flushing them out of a drainpipe!!!! Incey wincey

Oh the joys of being a reception teacher it really is the best job inthe world!


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