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Making it work in year 1


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Hi everyone, I'm moving into Y1 with my current class in September, and they are a 'tricky' little lot! I'm after some advice about how people structure their day/learning in the first autumn term. I've got a strong group of children who are well ready ( and ready for more structure/ adult led ) for year 1, but there are also children who need to be working with development matters because they aren't secure at 30-50 so need an eyfs approach.

I'm sure I do know how to do it (in that I'm currently meeting their needs and so can continue to do so) but I do want it to feel different for them so they 'know' they've moved up. I will have an LSA for most of the time. I'm probably making too much of a deal of it really because I haven't taught ks1 since teaching practice nearly 6 years ago and feel a bit lost!


P.s edited it say I have ordered 'making it work in year 1', and I'm a keen follower of abcdoes and have been implementing this approach this year, But thought you guys might offer good advice too.



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