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Can I just ask how do you interpret the following DM statement in 30-50mths Writing?

"sometimes gives meaning to marks as they draw and paint"

Do you think this means if they make marks and say that's my name or that says mummy etc so giving meaning of print/words or do you think it means a more general draws a circle/mark and says that's a picture of my mummy?

I think the later is EAD, beginning to create a representation of something and that the giving meaning that comes under writing should be only relate to printed words albeit squiggles at this stage.

Appreciate your thoughts

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For some reason I can't post a link on this forum but if you search for DM Interpretation Writing I think you will get a topic I posted a while ago concerning that exact statement. There were various interpretations, I found that reading it really clarified my thinking as I, like you, felt that it should pertain to writing not drawing and from memory I think Catma came along and gave a very sensible explanation which backed that up and helped me develop my understanding of this area.




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