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Hi everyone,


I have a child who is going to school in January who is far ahead in his general development than his peers. We have implemented different activities to 'Stretch' him but have found that we are running out of ideas. We feel that because he is so bright and fed up this week he is getting disruptive.


Mum uses workbooks at home with him and says he can add all the numbers up to 10 !?! Obviously we want to avoid workbooks and engage him in other activities.


We have written a 'Learning plan' for last half term so we can extend on that, but am not sure what to call it.


Hope you can help,

Luv Aunty x

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We had a gifted child at nursery last year. We were having to remind him to put capitals at the beginning of sentences and full stops at the end! Our main focus with him was personal and social development as after a while he started to say that other children were 'stupid'. We did a lot of work on how children are different and how they are good at different things. We encouraged him to just play and socialise and develop confidence in physical challenges. We also had targets in the other areas but we knew that he needed to go through the social aspects of being at nursery.


This actually sparked quite a debate as he was very good at computers and the HT brought him 'special' programmes that he could use in nursery. I disgreed with this as it would be a very solitary activity and I wanted him to mix. I ended up sending the programmes home with him


He ended up being a lovely boy and I was really pleased when speaking to his future reception class teacher that we could say he was a high achiever in all areas. Her first question was 'What's he like in PSED?"


As far as the other areas were concerned - he really enjoyed writing books and signs, making up maths games, working out how to build things etc

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