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Doubling for a maths observation


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Hi everyone!


Hoping for some inspiration for my main teaching and associated activities that I can then differentiate on doubling...


So far not much inspiration coming and now wondering if an another area of maths would be better???


Hoping you wonderful people can help.


Thanks so much!



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Hi Vikkir

Doubling is a great lesson to do- practical activities and an interesting way in are all you need. My class were interested in aliens so we had an alien who had to double everything come and visit us. We explored that doubling is just adding the same number to itself.

By rolling a large dice the alien helped us to look at doubles to 6, which we had a go at working out using counting on and our number lines, we then looked at doubles beyond that with the more able.

One of the activities the children had to do was design and make clothes for the alien with a line down the centre and the same amount of dots on either side to make their calculation- the more able drew spots and the less able had access to stickers.

Double paintings- they counted the number of dots of paint and then folded the piece of paper and worked out what the double made.

Small world play with alien landscape image in a box and small laminated aliens that they could act out their calculations with.

Double cakes with the play dough on mats- with double amounts of strange things in for aliens to eat...

Double challenge cards outside with objects to find and then to double- working with a partner to check.

Hope this is helpful

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Hi Ninabeana!

Thank you these ideas are great and I love the Alien coming to visit , that was my main bit of inspiration - my big hook to engage the children at the start!




Enjoy last day of hloudays before Term 6 madness begins!

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