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Moving up to year but not taking my class :(


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All staff in my school were told today were we will be next year. I have been moved to year one and originally i was made up as i have worked so hard this year in reception getting my class ready and I was ready for a new challenge. I have had a lot of SEN children this year so it has been tough but when I look at them now I am made up with the progress in attainment and behaviour.

However, i then found out I am most likely taking the other class. This is a whole different ball game - this class are terrible! It is a shame as they have had no consistent teacher throughout the year due to one circumstance or another but to still be this badly behaved this far on in the year scares me!

I don't know whether I am just venting at the minute because i am still annoyed but if there is anyone out there that can relate and just tell me everything will be ok I would appreciate it! Any tips for how to prepare for a loud, disruptive class?


At the minute I just have visions of me looking through the window for a year at the class I have now lol.


Please help!!

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Ooh that's tough but I guess you should feel complemented on your behaviour management skills. Who is your year group partner? Can the classes not be split or could you argue for that so that the workload is not quite so heavy--maybe also some role modelling in your favour with split classes?

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Guest tinkerbell

Like Susan says it would appear management have seen the wonders you have achieved with your class and that is why you have been given the other year1 class.it would have been nice to have had the reasoning behind the move.Splitting the tricky class does seem a good idea,try and talk to the KS1 co ordination or management in charge of the decision.The class does sound to have had a n unfortunate year and you have proved to be a steady influence on your group.

I do want to be positive and say you will have a challenge but you will get the class where you want them to be because you have done it with your present class.I would begin this last half term by asking to swop classes for short sessions eg story time and begin to build up a relationship with the children.We have a transition morning once a week in our school this last half term where all children move to the class and teacher they will be with in September ( new reception also come into school) we do this for 4 weeks as well as the official transition day.... Could you suggest this at a staff meeting .(if you think it's a good idea) You would then get an idea of the individuals and have time over summer to work on strategies!

Good luck


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Thanks for your supportive words everyone. I do feel complemented and the reasoning behind it is that "they need someone like me" and "it's not fair to give an NQT such a handful of a class" haha.

I will rise to the challenge and will definitely start going into that class for short sessions over the next half term.

Thanks again ladies


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