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I am an NQT in need of some guidance on the workshop table and the home corner. What do I need to include in these two areas to promote independent learning?

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Welcome to the forum zouzou.

You can't beat being in the role play corner to support and promote learning - especially when you introduce new things.

You will need to provide lots of opportunities for writing linked to your role play(shopping lists, telephone with note pad, telephone directory, magazines (DIY ones for workshop, supermarket ones for home corner?), forms, envelopes etc etc.

Lots of notices, posters, recipes, etc (depending on role play)

To promote maths: numeral recognition - calculator, telephone (again)

matching - outlines of objects on shelves etc for putting things away in correct place

In your workshop it would be good to have lots of objects that can be taken apart and investigated.


I'm sure you'll get lots more input from others, but that's a start :D

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