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Adult led vs independent objective led activities


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Please bear with me as I try and explain myself.....(!)

I am just starting to learn about 'objective led planning' and am very keen on the idea.

Currently in my reception class we do a whole class input followed by adult led activities in small groups. Whilst one group are doing the adult led activity the others are accessing the continuous provision, then I call another group over and so on. I know this is probably standard but I really don't like this way of doing things as I feel I'm disrupting the children's high level of play when getting them to do an activity and we never seem to get through all the children and get all the adult led activities done without rushing through them.

But I don't really know where to start with changing how we do things...I have read Alistair Bryce's ideas on objective led planning but am still I bit confused as to how it actually works in practice.

I have heard of some people using this idea but having several objectives planned for over the week, with activities planned in certain areas of the classroom and the children are told what these activities are and are then encouraged to independently access these during the day with encouragement. Therefore allowing the teacher and ta to support and observe these activities where necessary whilst also not having to call children over to actually do the activity as they choose when to do the activities as long as they complete them by the end of the day/week. This way they can differentiate as needed depending on which children are doing that activity and also allows the teacher/ta to observe and support CI play at the same time as you are not tied down to working with a particular group in a particular area.

If you do objective led planning how do you do it? Is there anywhere else where I could find out more information?

Do any of you plan like I described above, where children are encouraged to independently carry out specific activities you have planned?

Or do most of you do adult led activiities in small groups and call children over?

Thanks in advance!


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