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I am foundation stage leader of nursery and reception and been asked by HT to scrutinise the learning journeys. HAs anyone got a proforma they use to write their findings on/ report to teachers? I would reallly appreciate any help with proforma or advice on the best practice for learning journeys to take ours forward in both nursery and reception. Thanks in advance :-)

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I don't have proforma but simply take a sample, unannounced. I look at things like:

  • do the entries actually show learning or clear interests
  • how many observations are there over a given period
  • are they related to 7 areas of learning
  • is there a spread over all 7 areas (but with more for the prime areas, especially for younger children)
  • are the next steps for the child clear and appropriate
  • do they include 'the child's voice' especially showing their comments on their own learning
  • do they show parent's contributions
  • do the summative assessments give a genuine picture of the child and their development
  • do the 'best fit' judgements seem to be in the right age bands, considering the observations

Rather than giving a 'report' I then meet with the staff member concerned and ask them to look at their learning journeys and then ask some of these questions. I make sure I ask a spread of questions so some answers are encouraging and affirmative, and others are challenging. This way I feel it encourages staff to be more reflective about their own work - anyway, that is what they tell me. I hope they aren't just being polite! We keep notes which I then add to their staff file., agreeing 2 or 3 specific points for development

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