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One of my members of staff is studying the Supporting parents with literacy, numeracy and language needs unit of the DPP.


She is a bit stuck on these questions and I keep reading it and changing my mind about what they are looking for. Any advice would be wonderful.


E8 Identify how the pre-school reviews practice to support parents with literacy, numeracy and language needs. Give information about how the setting regularly reviews their practice for supporting parents with literacy, numeracy and language needs. This may include: process of writing/implementation/review of policies and procedures of the setting, committee responsibilities and action, monitoring and recording, consultation with staff and parents etc


E9 Show understanding od anti-discriminatory/anti-bias practice

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E8 - I don't really know but imagine this refers to parents with these needs, rather than how they can support their own children!

What about an audit or observations to ensure staff:

  • offer to help parents to complete forms - or do it with them
  • provide information in different formats
  • Ensure invoices are explained rather than expecting all parents to be able to understand the maths involved
  • getting parent's views through discussions (either in groups or individually) rather than only relying on questionnaires
  • having a 'voting' system with tokens to indicate 'yes' or 'no' to a specific question

E9 -

  • carry out a regular audit of resources to ensure they reflect the diversity of society (race, creed, disability, sexual orientation etc)
  • audit the number of child registrations / enquiries from different groups to ensure they reflect the local community
  • gain the views of the local community about whether different groups are welcomed - and if there are any other things the setting can do to ensure then are included
  • discuss with the staff group what they see as the benefits of inclusion (for children, families, and practitioners)

Is that the sort of thing? Just a few thoughts that may hopefully get her started.

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