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Hi can anyone advise me how to get a independent assessor in the Bristol area. My assessor doesnt come in to see me as often as i would like and i seem to be delayed then waiting for assessor etc..


Any advice on what to do as i want to get the nvq level3 completed , HELP

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Hi dan,


There seems to be so many different ways that centre's operate that it's difficult to give advice without knowing your situation fully.


What exactly is holding you up between times? I tended to just get on with as much written work as possible between the times I saw my assessor. She only came out to assess me in my setting 7 times, which was all she needed to gather the observations she needed. I chose which units I was working on and tried to complete one each month if possible.


Perhaps you're just trying to complete it too quickly though. You have to remember that your assessor may well have quite a lot of students to see or (as in my case!) another job as well. :)

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