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Telephone Lines in a Village Hall


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We hire a village hall which has no telephone line at all.

We have a real problem with mobile phone coverage between us we cover 4 of the main mobile providers but none of them have a good signal. It really worries me, that no one can get in touch or more importantly we can't get in touch with parents should we need them.

The village hall committee have said no to installing a telephone line as the hall is used by many other users and obviously they don't want to 'foot the bill' - I understand their reasons.

Does anyone know if we could get a telephone line installed when it's not our builiding?

and also (depnding on cost) if we can get one installed can we just plug in the telephone as and when we are at the hall?

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I can't help with this one thumperrabbit but will watch with interest as we are in the same boat. In fact looking at how I can get internet connection as I want to do more admin at work and it does mean I need the internet occasionally. I think I will try a dongle but we don't get good signal so don't know how it will go.

Much easier with a phone line and like you we promised to just unplug when we weren't there but no go!

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