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This year for our Christmas play we are doing an 'around the world' theme. I recalled a piece of music that I've worked with several years ago and so said I wanted to do Lapland. Unfortunately - I can't recall all the words to the song :o


It was part of a Ginn music scheme (I think), there was a CD that came with it. Basically the song builds up on different activities that go on around Christmas time - wrapping presents, toys being made. I wonder if anyone working in a school knows it and can help me out.


It goes something like ..


Wrapping presents (actions and sound effects to match words)


Santa's hammer goes (as above)


Think it might also have something about decorating the tree.


As I'd worked out that we could have groups of children depicting each scene (and given that I can't think of anything else to do!!!) I'm rather desparate.


Can anybody PLEASE help.



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Thanks for your help anyway :) I've actually found the wording in the black hole that is my filing cabinet - it's actually called Santa's Workshop and the scheme may not have been Ginn, but something called Carousel - so I've rather given duff info :o


I'll give the song in case anyone's interested coz it is good for the children to add percussion instruments/sound effects.


Can you hear Santa's hammer go (x3)

If you can then you know that soon it's Christmas Day.

Santa's hammer goes ....


Can you hear Santa's reindeer bells? (as before)


Can you hear rustling tinsel?


Can you wrap up the parcels?


Can you open up the presents?


After each verse you sing the new line and the previous ones, so it builds up to the final verse with .....


Can you open up the present ..... Christmas Day,


Open up the presents,

Wrap up the parcels,

Rustling tinsel,

Santa's reindeer bells,

Santa's hammer goes.


Can vaguely remember the music, it was quite simple and repetative, but I may need you to work out something.


Hope someone might find this useful.



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