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HI all


I am asking for advice again (it is just one of those years!!) ok so I have just discovered that one of my staff is not doing well with her learning journeys. After years of doing things properly she is suddenly not. Six months ago in moderation all her files were fine, now they are in a mess.

I have found out that she is not connecting ANYTHING!!! on paper, so progress trackers, observations, ecat forms are all not tying up the assessment grades are all over the place. This is the same for all 8 files!!!! when you talk to her all the knowledge is there and she seems on top of things, we do moderation as a team and she is grading the same then as everybody else but then her files are just.......well again a mess.

so my question if you discover that for the last one and half terms someone has been grading wrong and not connecting all the information so there are different levels on everything what do you do?

I can change the information to what it should be but then the observations wont match and parents have already looked at most of the files (in the period where I didn't realise there was a problem) if I leave them as they are they don't match and children's grades are not accurate reflections of what they can do both over and under-grading. That's without even looking at the amount of work it would be and I really don't think this staff member is currently up to doing it so it would fall to the rest of us who are stretched enough at the moment.

I just don't know what to do for the best, been lucky never had this problem before assessment judgements of every one including this member of staff have always been spot on. Even the schools say our judgements are in line with theirs. In fact this is why it has taken me so long to find the problem there was no indication of the problem until now.

HELP!!!! I am really thinking I need to change my job its one thing after another and I am so tired of it all. :ph34r:




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Do you have a supervision and appraisal system in place with your staff? Our manager discusses our profiles with us at every supervision and appraisal, so they're discussed every 3-4 months which helps us keep on top of any issues.


Outside of that, what level of staff member is said person? Is it worth giving her time with your leading practitioner to go over what's expecting from learning journeys etc as a bit of a refresher type system? Maybe an hour a week for them to look at each profile in depth to check through and see where it's going wrong.


Also there might be an ulterior motive for the issues arising. Has she got things going on at home that are affecting her?


I think your first port of call would to be to talk to her, make sure she's okay and check that she knows what she should be doing.


Good luck with it.

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Im having exactly the same issues right now but unfortunatly the person in question is my deputy!! I've found in the last couple of months myself and the rest of my staff team are pretty much carrying her and its starting to ware thin for everyone.. I've spoken to her, there doesn't seem to be any changes in her home life etc.. common sense seems to have disappeared, this week there have been 2 issues that are purely common sense that she has messed it...she's just lost her sparkle and it worries me! appraisal time i think, but after that im not sure where to go!! Frustrating!

Hope you sort it ;)

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Hi Karen24

It was my deputy also and we had the same situation. Have we sorted it?? sort of. We had some crisis meetings, supervisions and in the end it did get to disciplinary and she went off sick with stress for a short period. She is now on a improved performance plan which essentially means I have to police everything. It has massively added to my work load and has left me struggling but it was the only way. She is no longer my deputy we did manage to talk through some bits and she stepped down and some one fantastic stepped up. She has returned to being key person only, however there is massive problems with her files so this may or may not be a good thing. She has been back to work for a week and there are already more issues, but we will take it one step at a time, dealing with things as they come up, until either she improves, we ask her to leave or she leaves. It sounds heartless but that is essentially what it has come to we have explored and exhausted all other options. I hope you to get something sorted :-(

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