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PGCE appraisal lesson


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I am a PGCE student on her last appraisal.

Love being with nursery and hope to be nursery teacher.

I have been told for appraisal to cover active 'real' experience and new learning.

I am doing Little Red Hen week and have made scones for a previous appraisal.

I thought to visit a bakery afternoon befor eappraisal and make bread on appraisal then do tasting bread in afternoon.

I thought if objective was to carry out instructions/observe change and give children individual ingredients to carry out themselves.

My stressing is failed last placement and worry wont pass so double thinking myself.

I feel the baking is real experience, but unsure of new learning.

Any feedback or other ideas greatly recieved - there will be 8 children 1 of which is special needs.


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If you have already made scones for an appraisal then I am not sure that making bread is a good idea. I agree that bread making follows from the little red hen and is a real experience but can you do this before or after your appraisal?

Would sandwich making constitute a real experience that you could show new learning with, using the bread you have previously made?

I have given children instant bread mix to make up and use in play on the malleable table and that might be a new learning experience that you could then build on to make bread to eat later? Are the children used to making their own playdough? That might also be something you can build in.

Good luck.

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