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I am hoping that someone will be able to answer a question with regard to schools in 'special measures'.

We are due an Ofsted inspection next spring. Our last inspection came out as 'good'; however, Ofsted spent much time in KS1 due to poor SATs results and spent very little time in the nursery unit.

The KS1 SATs results have fallen again, despite measures being put in place, and I am wondering if our next inspection might take us into 'special measures'.

My question is this ... if a school is placed in special measures what happens? I know that inspectors pay numerous visits over the course of the year, but would this be for every class in the school or just the 'problem' areas/key stage? I'd really like to know what the procedure for schools is so that I can be well prepared!

Thank you ;)

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Having been in NOTICE TO IMPROVE it definitely hits the whole school. big time.

Whilst key areas of concern are obviously addressed, the pressure is there for everyone.


I work in nursery and because there is no longer a separate EYFS grading it meant we were seen as in notice to improve too.

Had we not had a good relationship with our EY adviser and previous outstanding and good gradings we might not have been allowed to carry on having funded nursery places because we weren't seen as good any longer!


We then had an inspection that would have been a satisfactory but that grading doesn't exist anymore so we went into REQUIRES IMPROVEMENT which has meant we have been heavily supported by the LA.


you will get through it if it happens. Don't worry too much right now would be my advice x

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