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Age related expectations across the reception year

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I've posted this in another discussion as well, but wasn't sure if this was a better place to post it and have it be seen - as I'm really stuck and looking for your collected wisdom!

my question is: what are you all being told in your different counties / by Ofsted as age-related expectations at different points through the reception year? i had logically worked out that if ARE on entry is secure 30-50 / entering 40-60 and at the end of the year 'expected' ELG that mid way through the year it would be developing 40-60. However I have been told that ARE at end of term 2 (December) is secure 40-60. If this is the case, how do we track and show progress for the 'average' (ha!) child from December secure 40-60 to expected ELG in June? We can demonstrate how they have become more and more secure within the ELG, by looking at work, but in terms of a quantifiable data tracking thing for a whole cohort, what would we use? Also, I may well be wrong, but I would have thought that if a child was secure 40-60 in December of the reception year, you would be looking for them to be achieving exceeding at the end of the year, not expected (the ARE).

We are writing mid-year reports on our Reception classes and we discuss percentages of childrebn working at, below and above ARE and percentages of children who have / have not made expected progress. I really need to know what ARE is at this point mid way through the year!!

Can anyone help?

Thank you!

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