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Hi all,

We've just been looking at our interim assessment data for Reception in terms of reading. What we are finding is that there are a number of children who are at the typical stage of development through Nursery but then show to be below average at this time of year in Reception (in reading, and some writing but not so much). Does anyone else find that because the reading statements completely change in focus between 30-50 and 40-60 months that some children can be 'average' through Nursery but then look like they've made no progress during the first half of reception? E.g. they are emerging 40-60 at the beginning of Reception but haven't made enough progress for them to be securing in February.

For my initial assessment (in Nursery) I only have a couple of children who were still working within 22-36 months for reading. However, I have a few more children who are working within 30-50 months according to the statements (I don't use it as a tick-list but as a best-fit model knowing that the children can show other similar skills which fit into the ages and stages) - but in terms of their progress within phase 1 phonics coupled with their listening and attentions skills etc I can see that they are more likely to be in that group of children who don't quite move on to securing 40-60 in February in Reception. Not that I want to predict where the children are going to be in a year but knowing what areas we are focussing on now with them it is more likely. However, they have a good understanding of stories, characters, handling books so are securing within 30-50 months now.

How do other Nursery teachers assess this area. I'm wondering whether to assess with a heavier focus on their phase 1 phonics skills?

In terms of 'emerging' 40-60 would you expect children to be beginning to be able to blend written words? Or orally blending and segmenting? It seems to me this is a particular 'barrier' - going from orally blending to actually saying the letters and hearing the words by yourself. A few of these children that are still classed as 'emerging' 40-60 in Reception at the moment left Nursery being able to orally blend and segment as well as knowing the grapheme-phoneme correspondence for many of the sounds.

I'm not really sure what the answer is.


Green Hippo x (p.s. sorry for the rambling post!)

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