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2d/3d shape


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I'm focusing on 2d shape at the moment and introducing 3d shape next week during an observation using the magic bag activity which I had seen on here. To follow it up I am then going to have a 2d and 3d shape hunt as a focus activity. Our topic at the moment is pirates and I'm struggling as to what to put in the water, creative table etc....any activity ideas would be greatly appreciated :)

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Enjoy the magic bag activity it is one of my favourites!

We put lots of the coloured glass pebbles in the water (the type you can get for vases) The children fill different tins, bowls and bags as they fish for treasure. We also use them in the sand tray to make shapes, patterns. You do need to give them a stern talking too about putting them in their mouth though! If you have any 2 year olds or any chewers beaware!! We usually make sure there is an adult close by and I always play the card now do you think you are sensible or old enough to play with these!! It always works and they act responsibly!

The children also have enjoyed making margerine pot boats and playdo stuck in it with a lolly stick jolly roger flag

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