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I really am struggling on this unit. Most seems common sense, but its getting it down on paper. can anyone give me any pointers or shoves in the right direction..


C15.1 pc 1,4,7 range 1a 2a

Imagine your a childminder, and look after a girl Carla aged 15

months, and a boy, freddy aged 3. Carla has an accidental injury and

Freddy has a non-accidental injury.


In your mind, construct a senario for each child, and write down:

* a brief description of the child

* a short note on how you came across to notice the injury

* a sketch of the child's body to show the location of the injury

(would you use a body map)

* a written description of an injury

*why you concluded that it was accidental or non - accidental.


Should I be looking at Carla being 15 months so shes still a bit

wobbly on her feet and likely to have more accidents???


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I think they are asking you how to identify suspious marks for the boy that would concern you as a child minder- so marks, bruises where it is unlikely he could have done them himself like bruises on chest say or burns.


For the girl at 15m be more likely to be still at the wobbly leg stage and could be bumping head walking into funiture etc. If the child has just had the accident they would be more likely to compain about it straight away, if the three year old has a non accidental injury they might be more likely to try and hide it.


They want you to prove that you are competent in telling the two differences apart and then can record them effectively which Im sure you be able to do!

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I agree with Akire, not having the NVQ pc's to refer to and therefore not knowing the depth you need to cover, you may also like to consider;


any stereotypical views people may have about how/why children get injured ie: boys are more rough and tumble so get more injuries.


The prior knowledge ( as well as current description) of the children, any previous records of injury.


How you came across the injury may include parent communication, verbal disclosure from children as well as visual clues. How would you deal with all these?


What you need to include in reports, who do you share them with?



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